Cosmetic Dentistry

Every smile is different and to help achieve the perfect one Rolfe Dental offers a variety of cosmetic dental treatments. These include teeth whitening, clear braces, veneers, bridges, crowns and white fillings. Work can be undertaken in stages and payments spread out. If you have a problem with your teeth that you feel is preventing you from looking your best, then contact our surgery today for a free consultation. Some examples of recent work are shown below.

tooth repair


The patient disliked the appearance of their two front teeth. (UR1 and UL1) These were older metal backed crowns that were a poor match to his natural teeth. They were too short, yellowish and had a space between the crown and gum.

metal free dental crowns


The UR1 and UL1 crowns were removed and the margins adjusted to correct the space between the crown and gum. Metal-free ceramic crowns were placed with the correct proportions and colour matching.

straighter teeth


The patient’s aging crowns were severely affecting the appearance of her smile and facial aesthetics. The smile was “gummy” with long teeth and an uneven gumline. The prominence of her canines also bothered her.

cosmetic dental surgery


After discussion with the patient the use of surgical bone removal to fully correct the gumline was discounted. Electrosurgery was used, avoiding surgery and sutures, and resulting in an excellent outcome with minimal healing time. The front four crowns were replaced with ceramic crowns and the heavily filled canines reduced in prominence and aligned with the anterior teeth with two new ceramic crowns.

costmetic dentistry


The patient was unhappy with the appearance of his two front teeth on the right. (UR1 and UR2) These were metal backed crowns which were several years old and had aged poorly.

ceramic dental crowns


The UR1 and UR2 crowns were removed. Electosurgery was performed to correct the gum line and metal-free ceramic crowns placed to achieve a far more natural appearance.